For Audiophiles using their phone for on the move sounds, Essential has announced that the Audio Adapter HD is now available to buy – currently, only in the US and Canada.

The portable accessory is a handcrafted premium mobile DAC that is said to optimise audio quality on the Essential Phone. It is the first product to incorporate the ESS Sabre DAC with hardware MQA rendering and is also one of the smallest and lightest of its kind.

A high-quality music listening experience has been championed by Essential since the introduction of MQA technology to its handset earlier this year, as also evidenced by its ongoing partnership with the TIDAL music streaming service. New Essential Phone owners can redeem a 3-month subscription to TIDAL’s HiFi tier which features MQA.

Bob Stuart, MQA Founder & CTO, commented, “A modern phone is a complex machine and all too often the sound quality is a neglected afterthought. For us the biggest challenge is to make sure that other processes in the handset don’t alter or degrade the sound. Essential has insisted on great sound and so, in them, we have the perfect partner.”

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