Hifi Pig brings you a series of promotional articles about the essential brands to have on your ‘go visit’ list at High End Munich 2019. Read on for more about their philosophy, their products and, of course, where they will be at this year’s High End Show.

Aries Cerat promise a show full of debuts and a surprise…

It has been a pretty busy two year period for Aries Cerat. Many new designs, revisions and developments have seen the light of day, while some await their turn for the future. At the upcoming Munich show, some of these designs will be having their world debut.

The development and launch of the Achilleas, our statement on amplification, had spawned some further developments to our smaller models, the introduction of some new models, like the Concero LE, and the relaunch of the previously top model , the Exsequor. Contemplating which amplifier to debut at the show, brought us the idea. Why not bringing the massive Achilleas amplifier to the show , it is a major task on it’s own, as the Legend Series Achilleas amplifier ships in 8 crates totaling 750kg.This is an all out design, our statement how a music reproduction equipment should sound.

Our analog designs portfolio ,with our Talos Series of phono systems, boasting the Reference edition and Limited Edition, felt incomplete as the gap in price and performance between the two models was significant. Enter the Talos Signature. This design carries out the developments and some subcircuits implemented on the Limited Edition. However the Limited Edition is just that, Limited Edition. The Signature is, in our humble opinion, an end game source for all top systems, being price,size and weight wise more friendly. Featuring the innovating fully differential tube stage, full transformer coupled circuits, and fed by a hefty 60kg PSU , this is my personal favorite source. Debuting also at this show, this will be partnered up with the cartridge from Top Wing , mounted on the Rui Borges turntable.

At the upcoming show we will also play digital,with our trusty Kassandra Signature.This year we will be partnering with Pink Faun company and their top server offering.

The Symphonia speaker will once again carry the task of converting the electrical signal to fully enjoyable and emotional music.This year however,will be assisted by our new basshorn line, the Erevus. This new line of basshorns descends from the basshorn designs which were developed for our Contendo speaker. We will be presenting the smaller model of the line, the Erevus S, a passive 104db ,4.5m long basshorn.

For our headphone loving friends,the 67kg Genus integrated will carry the amplification task for the headphone rig in the lobby.

Last but not least,the Helenε. A product designed to set a new ‘unreachable so far’ performance/price ratio .Yes it is digital.

Heavy units require heavy racks and platforms. Stacore from Poland with their pneumatic platforms and brand new rack design will isolate the sensitive electronics from nasty interference.

Cabling will be from Signal Projects company, we will soon announce news about further cooperation between the two companies, with the launch of cables designed and built for the brand,and offered by our network.

See you all there 9-12 May, Halle 1 D05.

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