Hifi Pig brings you a series of promotional articles about the essential brands to have on your ‘go visit’ list at High End Munich 2019. Read on for more about their philosophy, their products and, of course, where they will be at this year’s High End Show.

First revealed to the public at High End Munich in 2017, the French startup B.audio has since then gained recognition for their high-end DACs and introduced a power amplifier…

B.audio will continue to be part of the High End Munich this year to present new features for all their products.

Located near Strasbourg in east of France, B.audio was founded in 2016 after 10 years of research and development under the guidance of a simple philosophy: getting the best out of modern technologies by overcoming their usual drawbacks rather than trying to artificially mask them.

The two founders and engineers, Cédric and Sébastien Bermann, will be there to present the company and answer all question about their proprietary technologies and products at Hall 4, stand P14.

The company is looking to expand their distribution network.


First product developed by B.audio, the B.dac is a D/A converter which makes use of the break-through in-house technology called SJR “Source Jitter Removal” (see below).

Source Jitter Removal patent

The “Source Jitter Removal” technology developed by B.audio makes it possible to eliminate 100% of the distortions caused by the input jitter, contrary to other solutions present on the market whose effect is limited to a certain extent.

It is based on the generation of a “clean” clock in terms of jitter, which is synchronized to the input signal. This innovation provides the same quality as professional formats, from every digital source.


Enhanced version of the B.dac, the B.dpr integrates an analog pre-amplification stage thanks to a relay-driven resistor network. Featuring the same conversion circuitry as the B.dac, it guarantees a loss-free connection to a power amplifier.


Ideal complement to the B.dpr, the B.amp is a class AB “bridgeable” power amplifier, which has been engineered to be used in stereo mode while being primarily a fully symmetrical mono block. This specific design ensures optimal performance in both modes.

Intelligent Output Drive

The operating scheme is the result of numerous computational simulations, followed by intensive acoustic testing. The 10-year research and development period has led to electronic refinements that  meet the brand’s high level of musical excellence. The output transistors operate in class AB, providing a large power reserve. B.audio’s Intelligent Output Drive (IOD) technology, which makes use of local feedback, eliminates the associated crossover distortion. All other stages operate in pure class A, including the driver part of the output stage.


Reflecting their exclusivity, B.audio products rely on an elegant and refined design, result of the work of designer Olivier Hess. All products feature a front panel made of CNC-machined microblasted aluminium. On the D/A converters, the integrated ball-bearing rotary knobs are inspired by gravitation whereas  the progressive shape of the ventilation holes of the B.amp evoke the idea of amplification.

Made in France

The products manufactured by B.audio are handmade in the company’s workshops in Mutzig, near Strasbourg. The assembly of the electronic boards as well as the crafting of the housing components are carried out locally by partner companies. Each element is tested both electronically and acoustically to validate its performance at the end of assembly.

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