The High End Munich 2014 gives its visitors the broadest selection world-wide of products from thecountdown_10_4 field of high-quality entertainment electronics. No other event offers the public such an international, wide and varied product spectrum. The visitors can expect to see major brand names, exciting designs and new products.

In addition to this, the High End event is not only a trade fair; it is also an experience. Visitors can again expect to discover a whole variety of exclusive and special products and also experience fascinating events.

Music presentations on exquisite equipment in the form of concerts

TACET, hall 3, room E16

The exhibitor “Tacet” is presenting a concert programme with lengthy music passages. Complete works or whole passages in a fixed programme will be played on particularly fine equipment. The visitor can experience a new type of sound recording presentation here. The focus of the presentation is always a complete work. The visitors will be able to discover details of the score that remain hidden during a concert. This is to demonstrate the astounding results that are possible with recordings. Thomas Gluck from Sweden will host the event with the support of Tacet owner and sound engineer Andreas Spreer. Leading artists are also expected to join them on stage.

Backes & Müller present live performances from four renowned jazz artists

Jazz concert with Ro Gebhardt & Burdette Becks

Backes & Müller, atrium 4, 2nd floor, room E 218

16/05/14 – 13:00 and 17:30

17/05/14 – 13:00 and 17:30

Backes & Müller is inviting visitors to a live performance of Ro Gebhardt, Burdette Becks and band. The renowned jazz guitarist Ro Gebhardt is regarded as one of the figureheads of the German guitar world is well-known through Europe and the whole world for his unique style and sound. He will be joined by the virtuoso American vocalist and flautist Burdette Becks to play a set consisting of their own works and some sensitive interpretations of individual contemporary songs. The public will be immediately engaged by their rousing performance. The combo is rounded off by Ralf Cetto, a hugely gifted jazz bass player from Bingen am Rhein and Uli Schiffelholz from the hr-Bigband on drums. 

Are analogue recordings better than digital ones? 

“stereoplay” editorial team, atrium 4, 2nd floor, room F 228

 The “stereoplay” editorial team has again come up with a special workshop. In atrium 4, 2nd floor, room F 228, “stereoplay” sound engineer Jürgen Schröder and SAE lecturer Ulli Schiller will be answering the question: Are analogue recordings better than digital ones?  As an aspiring guitarist, Ulli Schiller will give his guitar strings a good work-out and the results will be recorded by Jürgen Schröder. The audience will get a great insight into the world of modern recording – and also into the high resolution digitalisation of analogue recordings. As always the “stereoplay” editorial team are promising a fascinating presentation.

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