Now we’re not really ones for sharing information about common or garden furniture, ok the odd hifi kallax_regal_birke_380x380rack is fine, but we thought we’d make an exception with regards the new Kallax range from IKEA as we’ve had our own (very) DIY CD rack featured on the Ikea Hackers website and we are keen proponents of the IKEA EXPEDIT for storing vinyl.

As has been widely reported, and lamented by audiophiles the world over, the vinyl friendly EXPEDIT range is to be phased out. There was a minor wave of panic set in in audiophile-land as this range has for a good few years been the “go to” storage solution for vinyl collectors. EXPEDIT was sturdy (ish), cheap, looked OK and more importantly fitted 12” vinyl collections perfectly – we have a couple of the units ourselves.

But fear not fellow audiophiles for IKEA are telling us that they have improved and updated the previous design with a product that has better durability, is more child-friendly and will still keep your vinyl safe and sound.

The new product will be called KALLAX and will be available at the end of May 2014.  

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