Exposure Electronics have announced the release of the 3010s2 phonostage. This all-new phonostage features a  3010s2 phonostage 1dual regulated power supply with regulation optimized for the different sections of the circuit.  The input stage is based around interchangeable circuit boards, each being specifically tailored for either MM or MC cartridges to provide “uncompromised performance with both types of cartridge”.The input is fully configurable to ensure that the cartridge loading and gain is optimally set.

Key features a

  • Fully discrete RIAA gain and equalisation derived from Exposure’s flagship MCX series.


  • Advanced power supply featuring large custom made transformer and high capacity smoothing.


  •  Dual regulation for each power supply rail combines IC regulators on the main board and hybrid regulators on the phono board.


  • MM or MC selected by plug-in board.


  • Adjustable for gain and loading by jumper links.

Exposure 3010s2 Phonostage (MM or MC)                                            £900

Exposure 3010s2 plug-in MM board                                                        £220

Exposure 3010s2 plug-in MC board                                                        £220

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