Ferguson Hill have just launched an updated version of their fH007 mini loudspeaker system. It has updated Neodymium drive units for an improved frequency response and also comes with a bluetooth receiver to wirelessly stream your music from any smartphone or tablet…and we at Hfi Pig reckon it looks pretty smart.

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They retail at £ 595-00 for the complete system which has 2 horn speakers for the midrange and treble and 2 bass speakers and an integrated Class AB amplifier with an active crossover in the preamp stage and contains 2 stereo amplifiers so that each drive unit is directly driven by its own amplifier.

Shipping is free to 28 European countries.Ferguson_hill_mini_speakers

2 Horn speakers 8 Ohm Horn H 43cm W 27cm D 18cm

2 Bass speakers 8 Ohm Bass Sphere 20 cm diameter

Integrated Amplifier 14 cm cubed, Bi-amped class A/B, 64 Watts with two dedicated stereo amplifiers and an active crossover.

Frequency response 75Hz – 20KHz +/- 5dB

This product conforms with the EMC. Directive and the Low Voltage Directive.


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