FiiO is probably best known for their DAPs but they also produce in-ear monitors, they have just announced their latest pair of earbuds, the FiiO EM5.

FiiO has designed the EM5 differently from regular flat-head earbuds. The shells are made with high-precision 3D printing technology with the shape design inspired by dragons.

FiiO EM5 Flagship Earbuds With A Design Inspired By Dragons

3D Printing

The FiiO EM5 ear shells are made with high-precision 3D printing technology with a unique design using a high-quality resin material. The brand has stated that the shape is inspired by dragons.

Dynamic Driver Units

The shells house a  large 14.2mm beryllium coated diaphragm dynamic driver unit on each side.

The IEMs Feature A Silver Cable

Premium Cable

The FiiO EM5 has a pure silver cable with the earphones. It is a 120 core Litz braided cable with interchangeable termination plugs. The pair comes with 3.5mm SE, 2.5mm Bal, and 4.4mm Bal termination plugs in the package.

Apart from the cable, the package also contains a FiiO HB3 leather carry case and 18 pairs of sponge ear foam covers.


$299.99 USD

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