This weekend it’s the Norddeutsche HIFi-Tage 2020, in Hamburg, Germany, and, German loudspeaker manufacturer has teased their new KIM speakers at the show this weekend.

We have just had the rather wonderful FinkTeam Borg speakers in for review, so we are very excited to hear about their little sister KIM.

FinkTeam KIM

Details are scarce at the moment but KIM will come, complete with stand, in a choice of several standard finishes. She has a reflex cabinet with multiple Strunk Absorbers and damped double-layer Sandwich panels with one-dimensional bracing and CleanPort resonator. Her controls will feature thee Positions for Tweeter level and two positions for Woofer damping.

Price & Availability

FinkTeam KIM will retail in Europe at less than €10,000, the stand is supplied as a package. Availability 2020 Q2, with their official launch at High End Munich 2020.

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