2018 sees the launch of two new built-in speaker ranges from Focal, with the introduction of the all new entry-level 100 Series and additional products added to the mid-priced 300 Series.

With both series offering a wide array of in-wall/in-ceiling models, stereo, AV and ambient music applications are catered for, with each model conforming faithfully, say Focal, to their signature sound. Integration has become an important area of development for Focal, and is steadily gaining amplitude in its overall loudspeaker range. The new Integration line evolves around three key notions with the aim of meeting every need and expectation through a small range of products:

  • Suitable for every room in the house
  • Suitable for rooms of different sizes
  • Suitable for multiple uses (sound systems, Home Cinemas up to 320ft2/30m2…)

Featuring a compact design, the speaker driver’s basket and chassis has been designed as a single unit. The 100 Series is equipped with Focal’s technologies, such as the Polyglass mid/bass driver cone and the aluminium inverted dome tweeter. All models are suitable for a wide-range of applications, including humid environments such as bathrooms.

The 300 Series range is made in France and features exclusive Focal technologies, such as theFlax cone and the aluminium-magnesium inverted dome tweeter. They a greatly simplified installation with the EQI system (Easy Quick Install). Whether they’re used as in-ceiling or inwall loudspeakers, they require no tools to install.

Besides the launch of the entry-level 100 Series and the mid-range 300 Series, Electra is keeping its flagship range position. Other additional products (outdoor, subwoofer and amplifier) will be added to this line in the coming months. Note that the accessories required for installation (pre-mounting kit and fire barrier box) are already available.

The 100 Series range is composed of three coaxial loudspeakers, all of which can be used as either in-wall or in ceiling loudspeakers (100 ICW5, 100 ICW6 and 100 ICW8), one coaxial in-ceiling stereo loudspeaker (100 IC6ST), one in-ceiling loudspeaker (100 IC LCR5) and two products specifically intended for in wall use (100 IW6, 100 IWLCR5). By offering very compact products, thanks in particular to the unibody chassis, and to the round and square frameless grilles (only for the ICW5, ICW6, ICW8, IC6ST), the models of the 100 Series (ICW5, ICW6, ICW8, IC6ST, ICLCR5, IW6 and IWLCR5) will integrate into interiors with discretion. All products in this series are compatible with all types of use, even in humid environments, such as bathrooms.  The 100 ICW5, 100 ICW6, 100 ICW8 and 100 IC6ST loudspeakers are all equipped with a three-position high-frequency switch (-3dB, 0dB, + 3dB), for equalising the treble according to the room’s acoustics. In addition to this feature, the 100 IW6 and the 100 IWLCR5 are equipped with an additional switch for equalising the mid range register (-2 B, 0 dB, + 2 dB). A three-position switch is used to determine the function of the product (left, centre or right loudspeaker) to ensure an identical tonal balance at the listening point for the optimal Home Cinema set-up. In a broader approach, all the products in the 100 Series can be used for enhancing classic Hifi systems, particularly the loudspeakers in the Chorus 700 line.

In the middle of the range, the 300 Series (ICW4, ICW6, ICW8) has been joined by three new models (IW6, IWLCR6, ICLCR5). This makes it the ideal especially for complete audio-video systems. Users and installers will now find a dedicated product offering suitable for every room of the house (even for residential Home Cinemas measuring 160-320ft2/ 15 to 30m2), for complete A/V systems and entirely built-in systems or even for combining traditional loudspeakers with in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeakers. The 300 Series is entirely made in France and feature Flax cone woofers and a fully adjustable tweeter with an aluminium/magnesium inverted dome. The 300 ICLCR5 is equipped with a left/centre/right channel selector to mechanically direct the sound towards the listening point. For in-ceiling loudspeakers, the dedicated 300  CLCR5 is equipped with an adjustable tweeter housing for directing sound towards the listening point. The tweeter level is also adjustable so that it can be set according to the room’s acoustics, and the upper mid-range can also be adjusted. The flagship product of the range is the IWLCR6, for building a Home Cinema set-up. The mid-range/tweeter section which can be rotated by 90° for use as a left, centre or right loudspeaker. Ease of installation is still a key quality of these three new loudspeakers, with the patented EQI system (Easy Quick Install). They can be installed without tools thanks to the mounting bracket system, which automatically attaches the loudspeaker to the support.



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