Furutech’s top-of-range UK power connector is now available in a new silver-plated version.

The FI-UK is Furutech’s top-of-range, high-performance power connector, constructed specifically for the UK mains power supply. To date, it has been offered in two versions, ‘R’ and ‘G’, denoting rhodium or 24k gold plating of the hybrid copper conductors. Now a silver plated version is available.

The FI-UK’s conductors are treated with Furutech’s trademark two-stage ‘Alpha’ cryogenic and demagnetization process, which the brand say renders metals stress-free, stable and highly electrically conductive and enabling the Furutech goal of “pure transmission”.


Type: 2-pole + earth

Rating: 13A fused/250V AC

Silver-plated, Alpha-treated Eutectic copper alloy conductors

Body material: Fireproof ABS body/housing

Accommodates cable diameters of 6-20mm with large, high quality cable clamps / grips.

Available now priced at £100 (including VAT).



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