The Fyne Audio F3 Series subwoofers combine innovative DDX Direct Digital amplification, advanced DSP and Fyne Audio’s know-how in driver and cabinet design.

The F3 cabinets are heavyweight and extensively braced, with large diameter ports using a mathematical derived flare profile at both ends for low turbulence. The black oak finish cabinets are fitted with large, compliant feet that are kinder to your floors and offer better room coupling than spikes. The F3 Series use Direct Digital Amplification (DDX®) throughout. DDX builds on Class D technology with higher power, better efficiency, lower RFI output and enhanced sonic characteristics.

The F3 Series advanced DSP engine has enabled control features normally only found in much more expensive subs. In addition to switchable LFE / Normal input, phase reverse and signal sensing power on, all F3 subs have automatic dynamic range management, overload protection and Fyne’s Bass Boost function. This feature gives a +3dB lift through critical movie LFE frequencies to deliver an immersive home theatre experience.

F3-8                8″ bass driver / 425 Watt DDX power       £299.99 each

F3-10              10″ bass driver / 475 Watt DDX power    £399.99 each

F3-12              12″ bass driver / 520 Watt DDX power    £599.99 each


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