G-Point Audio and Malvern Audio Research will be exhibiting again at this year’s two day Cranage Hall, North West Audio Show.

In the main G-Point room you will find, LampizatOr Golden Gate DAC, My Sound Premium Cube amps, hORNS Universum 3 loudspeakers and Gigawatt power front with by PC 4 Evo conditioner. The room will also feature Knut Skogrand and his official UK launch of the Stravinsky cable range. G-Point will also feature a full Skogrand Beethoven cable loom.


In G-Point’s partner room, the Wright Suite, with Malvern Audio Research you will find the LampizatOr Golden Atlantic DAC and the hORNS ARIA 2 loudspeakers (pictured) for their UK launch. The whole system will be wired with Albedo mono-crystal cables. This includes the UK premier of Albedo Power Cables Gravity 2. Malvern Audio will also have the new Ming Da UK integrated 40 watt class A SE valve amplifier, based around the Dynasty Cavatina mono blocks. Here you will also find the new Dynasty “Legato” Phono stage which is an all valve phono stage with full valve regulated power supply, connected by an umbilical cable to the separately housed phono stage. The Legato phono stage offers 1 MM input and 1 MC input featuring UK manufactured input step up transformers. Malvern Audio Research is also exhibiting a beautiful new painting of John Lennon by the Wolverhampton based artist Mick Buroughs.. In the first public showing, the original will be on view, along with a small number of limited edition Prints available to buy at the show.

The two companies will also partner in a ‘Budget Room’ where they say they will be showing a system with ‘80% of the greatness of our top set up for , let say for the cost of 80% less’ . And the room will be run by one of their customers who has bought his whole system from G-Point and Malvern Audio Research.

Hifi Pig will be at the show and covering it in detail.

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