GamuT have today announced a new addition to their portfolio – the M’inenT series. There are three loudspeakers in the range (the 3, 5 and 7), a standmount and two floorstanders and the quality of design, parts and craftsmanship is said to be reminiscent of the El Superiores series – whilst still not budget loudspeakers the M’inenTs are a fraction of the cost of the El Superiores.

The new series uses “impulse optimised” bass reflex enclosures with real wood veneers on a laminated curved MDF structure.  Internal bracing and pressure control segments are said to optimise the acoustic behaviour of the external surfaces.

The crossover network in the M’inenT series is designed as a “Non Resonant Linked Impulse solution (NRLI) which is designed to operate in the time domain to optimise integration between drivers, and simultaneously modify and control the resonant interaction between itself, the drivers and the enclosure load.” The acoustic behaviour of the crossover is somewhere between 1st order and 2nd order.

The DC Coupled Midrange (DCCM) solution is added to the NRLI when used in the 3-way M’inenT 7. The DCCM claims to eliminate phase shift between the midrange and woofers, preventing fundamental tones from instruments and voices from being corrupted by multiple drivers reproducing them. The DCCM uses a combination of serial and parallel networks to allow in phase counteracting current to lower the midrange driver excursion at low frequencies, thereby achieving perfect timing between the midrange and woofer.

GamuT have developed new cable technology in the M’inenT series called the “WormHole” which apparently allows unwanted stored energy to dynamically terminate to ground.

Prices for the new range are £5230 to £12000 and the matching stands are £1490

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