LH Labs, a division of Light Harmonic and the people behind the Geek Pulse and Geek Out geekwaveproducts is announcing a new product aimed at improving smartphone audio quality.

Geek Wave is in the final stages of development and the company are want to hear from audiophiles or more casual listeners with regards what additional features they’d like to see on the new product.
Geek Wave is designed to act as an audio enhancer and a battery backup and storage device.

A common complaint from smartphone users using their phones to play music is a lack of bass and volume and that they can’t play at high-resolution and Geek Wave aims to address these issues with Geek Wave being built on a high performance DAC and technology found on their much higher-end products. Light Harmonic’s “Duet Engine” is used to improve the digital signal of MP3 music or streamed music and Geek Wave will have both 256Gb of storage and a high capacity battery that can charge the smartphone’s battery twice in half the time of other chargers on the market. Geek Wave is expected to sell at $399.

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