“Geek Out asynchronous USB 2.0 DAC and Class A headphone amplifier brings $100,000 audio GEEK_1experience to your pocket” say the company’s press release. We’ve heard a lot about Geek from our readers and friends across the water and so pleased it’s coming to European shores.

Geek is a new brand from the people, LH Labs, that brought you the Da Vinci DAC that starts from £20,000 with them having the simple intent of providing high-end audiophile technology know-how to the masses.

Its first product is Geek Out an asynchronous USB 2.0 DAC and Class A headphone amplifier which the company say “takes much of the technology LH Labs developed when it was researching the Da Vinci DAC”, and squeezes it into one dinky, little package.

The aim with Geek Out is simple they say: “bring good sound to a non-audiophile market, so that travelers, gamers, and music-lovers can better enjoy the stuff they love. You don’t have to ‘speak geek’ to enjoy ‘Geek’”. 

Geek Out comes in four colors – Black, Silver, Blue and Red – and is expected to hit stores in early April and is available in the UK via an exclusive distribution agreement with Sussex-based Anthem AV Solutions.

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