Acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics has announced the winners of their Summer Giveaway 2020 Photo Contest! The contest invited customers to highlight GIK Acoustics treatments in their spaces.

GIK told us: “We received over 150 entries from clients around the world showcasing GIK Acoustics products in their space. Every type of room from recording studios, to home listening rooms and home theatres, to schools, offices, mixing facilities, live rooms, rehearsal spaces, and gyms were represented. The collection of photos will help inspire others to see how proper room treatments improve not only the sound in a room, but enhance the room visually as well”.


GIK Acoustics narrowed down entries to the top 51 finalists and opened the contest to peer voting which concluded October 16th, 2020. The Grand Prize Winner is R.J. DeMarco from Lake View, New York, USA, who will receive $500 cash + a $500 GIK Acoustics shopping spree.

The GIK Grand Prize Winner is R.J. DeMarco from Lake View, New York, USA

RJ submitted a photo taken of his live rehearsal room, “My space has become my safe haven, a place where I go to create without limitations. The downstairs area is where I track anything that needs to sound or feel ‘alive.’ The upstairs area is where I mix and make beautiful memories with great musicians.”

Runners Up

GIK Acoustics also awarded four Runner-Up Prizes (two runners-up from GIK Acoustics-U.S.A. and two runners-up from GIK Acoustics-Europe). These winners will each receive a set of Acoustic Art Panels, Impression Pro Series or Alpha Pro Series panels of their choosing to further enhance their space.

– David Francisco, Fullterton, California, USA

– Jake Moreno, San Antonio, Texas

– Filipe Oliveira, Portugal

– Danny Meegan, Ireland

“We are very pleased with the number and quality of photos received for the contest, which made selecting finalists quite difficult,” said Glenn Kuras, GIK Acoustics President. “The photo contest was a great way for us to see our products in action and see how creative our clients are.”

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