GIK Acoustics will exhibit at The High End Show in Munich from 18 – 21 May, 2017.

In addition to displaying products, GIK Acoustics-Europe General Manager, David Shevyn, and Lead Designer, Lukas Rimbach, will present a discussion on the importance of room treatments and the basics of room setup. Mr. Shevyn and Mr. Rimbach will also answer audience questions on room acoustics.


High End lectures take place at the Technology Stage in Hall 3, Booth K 08

Room Acoustics And How To Set Up Your Room

Thursday, 18th of May 2017:                    3:00pm-3:25pm
Speaker: David Shevyn   |   Language: English

Friday, 19th of May 2017:                      3:00pm-3:25pm
Speaker: Lukas Rimbach   |   Language: German

Saturday, 20th of May 2017:                    3:00pm-3:25pm
Speaker: David Shevyn   |   Language: English

Sunday, 21st of May 2017:                      3:00pm-3:25pm
Speaker: Lukas Rimbach   |   Language: German

Technology Stage is open for all visitors of the High End show. You don’t have to register – it’s first come, first serve. Usually there are enough seats for all listeners.

GIK will be offering High End attendees a look at the brand new Gotham Skyline Diffusor which is designed to make a small room sound larger and the beautiful Impression Series panels which are ideal for creating an even balance of low end absorption without losing high frequency presence. In addition to these new products, they will also display their Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps and exclusive ArtPanel prints courtesy of Cult Art.

Visit GIK Acoustics In Hall 3 Booth P08






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