Acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics has launched a radiant new diffuser with the release of the Gotham N23 5” Skyline Diffuser, a precision-cut, 23-root, two-dimensional Quadratic Skyline Diffuser

GIK told us more: “Skyline Diffusers – more accurately called two-dimensional diffusers – have the advantage of scattering sound across two planes: horizontal (left & right) and vertical (up & down). This two-dimensional scattering broadens the soundscape and makes a room sound larger”.

The Gotham N23 5” Skyline provides unparalleled performance with the widest diffusion range on the market. The Gotham N23 has a working diffusion range from 1250hz to 9500hz with scattering effects down to 650hz, turning damaging reflections into a sonically pleasing diffused sound field, while controlling yet retaining higher frequencies”.


Designed to diffuse sound energy while retaining higher frequencies

The 23-root quadratic sequence provides true, even diffusion from 1250hz to 9500hz with scattering effects down to 650hz

Made using medium density fibreboard (MDF) which looks great natural or can be painted to match any décor

The beautiful pattern of the Gotham N23 5″ enhances any space

Easily wall mounted. No glue or destructive adhesive when installing

Unlike other skyline diffusers which are simply random blocks in a series, the GIK Acoustics’ Gotham N23 5″ Quadratic Skyline Diffusor has a 23-root, calculated quadratic sequence which is machine cut within 0.2 millimetre.

Skyline Diffusers have a strong visual impact, but none are quite like our Gotham N23.” said Glenn Kuras, President of GIK Acoustics. “I wanted to design a diffuser that would not only be effective, but would transform the look and aesthetic of a room as well. The Gotham N23 has a beautiful, unique design element that I’ve not seen anywhere else. It’s another product in our line that’s distinctive to GIK Acoustics.”





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