Glorious is a company known for their stylish, yet functional, units and displays for both Hifi and DJ applications. These new pieces are available through Henley Audio.

Style is a significant factor when considering Hifi furniture, and each unit is designed around a specific theme or image to compliment your existing home decor. This helps, particularly in the case of record storage units, to add to your contemporary living space at the same time as providing large amounts of music storage.

Vinyl Experience

Glorious music storage products are also deliberately easy to access, this helps create a quick and efficient process from music selection to playback and enhances that ‘hands on’ vinyl experience.

Glorious CD Box

The Glorious CD Box 180 (£55) holds up to 180 compact disc cases, has a stable construction and is made from high quality wood.

Glorious Record Rack

The Record Rack 330 (£95) is a2-piece vinyl station, which was originated by combining the Record Box 230 with the Record Box Advanced and it can hold up to 330 12” records. Thanks to its slanted sides, quick access to the records is possible and convenient.

Glorious Turntable Lowboard

The Glorious Turntable Lowboard (£199) is a piece of furniture, in a retro 1960’s design, for your living room. With a dedicated surface for a turntable and plenty of space for your vinyl collection, the Turntable Lowboard is ideal as a listening station.

The open record crate invites you to dig through your collection and allows direct access to up to 130 12”- records. A closed-front compartment with push mechanism houses your amplifier, CDs or books. The cavity on the rear panel is designed to route cables, making them disappear easily.


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