Gold Note of Italy has announced the launch of the PSU-10 EVO, the new external power supply designed for the DS-10 and DS-10 PLUS streaming DACs.

Part of the Series 10, the power supply follows in the same footsteps as the PSU-10 (which is dedicated to the phono stage PH-10) and has been inspired by the same principle – to allow the most demanding audiophiles to enhance the absolute performance of their DS-10 and DS-10 PLUS even further.

Gold Note PSU 10 EVO PSU

Made In Italy

The PSU-10 EVO is available in Black, Silver and Gold, and uses solid panels of finely machined aluminium as a shield to avoid RFI and EMI. The chassis features the iconic Gold Note air vent design and the same size and finishes of the rest of the Series 10, that is 200mm W x 80mm H x 260mm D, for a weight of 4 kg.

The PSU-10 EVO, like all Gold Note products, is designed, made and assembled by hand at the Gold Note facility in Tuscany using locally sourced materials.

Gold Note PSU 10 EVO And DS10 Streaming DAC

Technical Details

Moving to the specs, the PSU-10 EVO features a 4-transformer power supply stage enhanced with ultra-low-noise voltage regulators. The power supply stage takes advantage of a 4-transformer layout with three transformers entirely dedicated to the power supply and one for the inductive filter. The Dual Choke Hybrid design features an inductive filter on the analogue stage and is powered by a double inductor, driving both the negative and positive stages.

The technology developed for the PSU-10 EVO filters the current to eliminate interference and electrical noise from the AC power system achieving insulation from electrical noise and providing clean power.

Please note: the PSU-10 EVO is compatible exclusively with the Gold Note DS-10 and DS-10 PLUS while the PSU-10 is dedicated to the PH-10 Phono Stage.

Rear View Of The Gold Note PSU 10 EVO


1100€ (approximately $1240)

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