Gold Note, the Italian High-End Audio manufacturer based in Florence, is introducing a new powerful firmware for its Super integrated amplifier IS-1000 which allows higher audio performance and greater user experience.

Gold Note’s IS-1000 super integrated amplifier is a complete High-End stereo system enclosed in an aluminium chassis of Italian style. It is a fully integrated amplifier merging a Preamplifier, a Power Amplifier, a Phono Preamp, a DAC and a Streamer in a complete source. At Hifi Pig, we were very impressed with the IS – 100, you can find more about it and our thoughts in our review here. 


Gold Note now offers a firmware update to everyone who already owns an IS-1000 which pays respect to user friendliness and technology for even better audio performance. The update – free of charge – will provide the following features:To make everybody’s use easier the volume is now expressed in a 0-100 graphic. The volume control now becomes bi-directional always working in analogue mode even when playing any streaming service such as Roon, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Airplay, etc… Adjusting the volume from the IS-1000 front panel knob the App will react by replicating exactly the same volume setting of the amplifier, that means IS-1000 always guarantees the best performance by over jumping the entire digital control whatever play mode is used! The new App, available for iPhone and iPad, allows controlling all the IS-1000 inputs and options. That means: hands free from your standard IR remote control. The new solution lets you control the IS-1000 while the display is replicated on the phone and tablet assuring the best user experience. Therefore you can control the unit fast and easy from everywhere only using your mobile devices.



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