In Hindu philosophy, the Sanskrit word for life force is Prana. Goldmund say that Prana, the name of their freshly launched flagship wireless loudspeaker, pays tribute to their engineers who worked on the project.

Prana speakers are fully constructed in the aluminium. Prana is the smallest of its family and the amplifiers and filters are integrated within the speaker. They use a combination of multiple drivers, each catering to a different frequency band. A product of the Goldmund Proteus Mathematical model, the Prana is a smart active speaker whose DSP’s include the Leonardo 2 technology (the latest version of Goldmund’s time alignment correction algorithm), digital crossovers, gains, and delays.

Prana can be used wired or completely wireless aside from the power supply. The speakers are a full system by themselves and, should one choose so, one could use them alone with a computer music library as a wireless source. For more ambitious systems with multiple sound sources such as your TV and disc player, the Prana can be coupled with the Goldmund Talisman Wireless hub or with any of Goldmund processors. Price is £67,500 inc VAT in the UK.


Frequency Response

  • 35 Hz (-6 dB) > 25 kHz.


  • Built-in 600 W Telos amplifier per side.
  • 2 x 175 W Telos amplifier for tweeter, medium.
  • 1 x 250 W Telos amplifier for woofer.


  • 1 x soft dome tweeter, 1 x 7” medium and 1 x 9” woofer, selected for their high linearity and dynamics.


  • 1 x digital S/PDIF input.
  • 1 x wireless audio input.


  • Nominal range: 115 V or 230 V (+/- 15%)

Rated Power Consumption

  • 390 W per unit

Size and Weight

  • 48 W x 99 H x 47.6 D (cm) – 18.9 W x 39 H x 18.5 D (inch).
  • 80 kg per side with frame.




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