Gramofon makes it easy to stream music over the cloud to any audio system you own, from portables to hi-fi separates. Simply plug the little black box into your system via the supplied stereo RCA cable, connect it to your home Wi-Fi network and get streaming from any Wi-Fi-enabled device – smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.3915_Gramofon

Now, owners of HTC smartphones are set for an even more seamless experience with Gramofon thanks to the integration of HTC Connect. This works in tandem with HTC’s latest Sense™ 7 user interface, enabling both locally stored and web-based music to be streamed from an HTC phone to any Gramofon-connected sound system with a simple three-finger swipe.

HTC Connect is the latest in a long list of features available to all Gramofon users, thanks to Qualcomm’s AllPlay smart media platform. AllPlay delivers compatibility with a wide range of music-streaming services, and enables users to synchronise multiple Gramofons connected to sound systems around the home, thus creating a smart multi-room network. In addition to AllPlay, every Gramofon incorporates Spotify Connect, making it easy to stream music wirelessly via Spotify Premium to any audio gear with RCA inputs.

“We are delighted to welcome Gramofon to the HTC Connect program,” said Drew Bamford, Corporate Vice President, HTC. “HTC phone users are now able to stream any local or web-based music to Gramofon and other Allplay-compatible devices. Gramofon’s flexible approach fits the open HTC Connect ecosystem perfectly.”

Gramofon is €59 with free shipping.
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