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Discover The Chord Company at High End 2018

Having made its High End debut at Munich in 2017, Britain’s biggest specialist A/V cable manufacturer, The Chord Company, will be building on last year’s highly successful entrance with another showcase of its innovative proprietary technologies and new products.

Just outside of historic Stonehenge, The Chord Company, who has been painstakingly designing and hand-building superior audio cables in Britain for more than 33 years, will be telling the story behind its proprietary technologies and demonstrating the performance benefits at High End with a wide range of music. Members of the UK team will be on hand throughout the four-day event in A4, F107, to introduce the company’s ever-expanding product line-up and explain the benefits that high-quality cabling can bring to high-performance audio playback.

In keeping with the high-end nature of the show, The Chord Company will be offering demonstrations that show why superior engineering, attention to detail and build quality are critical when trying to exploit the full potential of a performance-orientated system, whatever the price point of the electronics.

The demonstrations have been designed to introduce the benefits of The Chord Company’s proprietary technologies and in-house design and manufacturing. Visitors this year will get the chance to experience the following demonstrations:

The screening story

The Chord Company was, in fact, the first company to introduce screening for audio cables; something that is widely taken for granted now despite being essential in the modern home. Today’s living environments have never been more polluted with RF interference due to a plethora of wirelessly enabled devices and powerful routers delivering high-speed Wi-Fi around the home.

The screening story will introduce how The Chord Company’s designers and engineers first became aware of the performance benefits of cable shielding in audio and how the technology was implemented in those early cables from the original, non-shielded Chord Odyssey speaker cable to present day range staple, Chord Epic.

The Chord Company’s proprietary technologies

The Chord Company has become synonymous with quality and innovation, and the company has forged a reputation for consistently delivering innovative and meaningful technologies that standout and endure.

ARAY technology

The proprietary technologies dem will start with the original Sarum cable and chart its journey from old to new. A key stage in the development of Sarum (and later, other flagship and more modest ranges) over the years, was the introduction of The Chord Company’s proprietary ARAY technology.

The highly skilled implementation of mechanical tuning (the ARAY) into what were already high-performance, critically acclaimed cables, created a transformation in performance that initiated a whole programme of development for the ARAY designs, culminating in the latest version of the technology which is actively deployed in one form or another, in a number of products in the portfolio, from the budget entry-level C-series to the flagship ChordMusic line-up.

The demonstrations will discuss the benefits of ARAY technology and introduce the sonic advantages as the range progresses up to the Sarum Tuned ARAY cables. A follow-on demonstration will see The Chord Company introduce the benefits of the next-generation Super ARAY with the introduction of the Sarum Super ARAY mechanically tuned cables.

PTFE plugs

During the tenure of the Sarum Super ARAY, The Chord Company had the foresight to commission some sample RCA plug surrounds machined from PTFE (existing Sarum cables used acrylic plug surrounds). The PTFE RCA plug surround made a global improvement to every aspect of performance. So much so, that they were deemed important enough to introduce the material as a permanent fixture among the upper (now known as ‘Master’) ranges: Signature, Sarum T and ChordMusic. The High End demonstrations are set to show the improvements a PTFE plug can make and will compare the Sarum Super ARAY with acrylic plugs against a Sarum Super ARAY with PTFE plugs.

Taylon® dielectric

Taylon® is a revolutionary insulation material that’s unique to Chord. It was first introduced in the flagship ChordMusic range as an exclusive example of a no-compromise dielectric for uncompromising cables.

Later, Taylon® ownership became more affordable when Sarum evolved into Sarum T (T for Taylon®). Chord Company’s demonstrations surrounding Taylon® will reveal the benefits with listening sessions on the Sarum Super ARAY (with a PTFE dielectric) to the new Sarum T cables.


Taylon® originates from the most demanding military applications, where highly advanced communication cables, both in space and on the ground, must offer predictable performance, regardless of environmental conditions. Taylon® is phase-stable at typical room temperatures and its implementation within audio cables preserves the critical timing information within music.

Taylon® is the best-performing dielectric The Chord Company has used in over 33 years of UK design and manufacturing. It is the most neutral material available and remains the biggest step forward in insulation performance since the introduction of PTFE.


First seen in The Chord Company’s native UK at Sound and Vision (The Bristol Show) the new ChordOhmic speaker plugs will be showcased to introduce the scientific and performance benefits of silver-plated speaker plugs. Developed from the flagship ChordMusic and Sarum T speaker cables, ChordOhmic speaker plugs offer the proven conductivity and signal-preservation benefits of silver, backed up by the UK leader’s legendary build quality.

The ChordOhmic  loudspeaker plugs are designed to bring both the electrical and sonic benefits of silver to speaker cables everywhere; the new plugs are now available on all Chord Company cables, as well as being separately available, enabling Chord’s new plug to improve other brands of cable, too.

Get by with a little help from my friends

At High End 2018, The Chord Company has partnered with network music specialist Sforzato, music server manufacturer MELCO, Ayre Acoustics with its AX5-Twenty integrated amplifier plus Bowers and Wilkins with its mighty 804s loudspeakers.

To find out more contact The Chord Company:

Tel: +44 (0)1980 625700

Email: sales@chord.co.uk

Web: www.chord.co.uk

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