Harbeth Audio Ltd. have launched an exclusive music video series entitled Harbeth Live. Produced by Kent-based audio and video production company, Duet Media Technologies, the series will include three videos released throughout 2018 featuring British music artists, the first of which stars pianist, David Rees-Williams.

Recorded in his own home music room, the video features a multi-track piece with not one but two pianos played by David…at the same Famed for his improvisation, David says this is a “key element to keeping the excitement” in his music and is a “challenging but worthwhile way of playing.” When it came to the recording, the aim was to make the reproduction of the sound as faithful to the original live performance as possible, with the audio then mastered in Duet’s editing suite on Harbeth’s flagship M40.2 model.

Alan Shaw, Designer and Managing Director, says – “The idea behind this series came out of a discussion that hi-fi is all about enjoying great sounding music in one’s home. With Paul Barton Hodges of Duet Media, we decided it would be ideal to record British music acts in their musical ‘home’. At the same time we wanted to show Paul’s side of the process which is the final audio mixing stage using our flagship model, the M40.2.”


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