roksponsmallHarman Luxury Audio of the USA will present the multiple launch of several Mark Levinson products in Windsor, UK, this weekend.

The audience at the Hifi Show Live will be the first in UK to hear the new Mark Levinson No.519 Source Player, No.526 Preamp, No.523 Preamp, No.534 Dual Monaural Power Amplifier. Demonstrations featuring the No.519 will also star JBL’s ‘Project’ speakers: the HFN ‘Outstanding’ K2 or Everest designs, with support from more modest Revel Performa F208 and new Concerta F36 floorstanders.


Harman Luxury Audio’s Director of Engineering Todd Eichenbaum will be presenting the new Mark Levinson products at the Show’s Buckingham 4 suite at 2pm on Saturday and 12 noon Sunday.


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