OK, I don’t usually do reviews of singles but hey, Hawkwind are probably my favourite band of all time and I just couldn’t resist telling you all about this absolutely fabulous collaboration of the kings of space rock and “kingly thesbian” Brian Blessed.

Sonic Attack is a mainstay of the band’s repertoire and certainly a favourite of mine. This version is out as a single on the 1st September, I’ve only heard the radio edit so far, and with any luck and a following wind it may even have a bit of an impact on the charts…we can but hope.

The Blessed/Hawkwind collaboration has all the usual sonic histrionics in the background which Hawkfans will recognise and Blessed’s rendition of the Sonic Attack vocal is hammed up to the max…and is fab. Surely a must have if you’re a fan and accessible enough (sort of) to have appeal to a new audience.

You may be subject to fits of hysterical shouting …SHOUTING!!!! I SAID SHOUTING!!!!

Go buy it !!!!

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