Headphones have been one of the fastest growing areas of the Hifi market in recent years and the demand is still steadily growing. According to the German market research institute GfK (Society for Consumer Research), in 2015 the German market for headphones and stereo wireless headsets experienced a sales increase of 12 percent.

There are many reasons for listening to music over headphones. Headphones bring music and voices very close to our ear and enable us to escape into our own realms. Whether we are standing in a train, jogging or sitting next to a hifi system, headphones are ubiquitous and indispensable accessories. When we are out and about, they provide listening pleasure, and at home, they offer some respite to the nerves of our family members or neighbours.

Hörbar“ – Comparing Headphones At The High End 2017

Halle 2 Stand F07/ G09

Consistent with the trend towards high-end and exclusive headphones, once again there will be a “Hörbar” at the High End 2017, featuring various manufacturers and price classes for identical music selections. The “Hörbar”, launched as a listening bar for the first time last year, was met with avid interest. This year, the visitors at the High End also have the opportunity to directly compare various headphone models in a wide range of price categories. Overall, approx. 30 headphones will be equipped with identical high-quality headphone amplifiers on all the listening stations. In the musical selection, identical music pieces of various genres will be selected, enabling the listener to have a direct basis of comparison.The headphone corner will be organized by the High End Society, with sponsorship from: Lehmann Audio, Audionext, Audioquest and Sieveking Sound.






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