Heco have launched a new model in their Direkt loudspeaker range. The 800 BT is a Bluetooth enabled, all-in-one stereo speaker system with inbuilt amplification and connectivity including an MM phono stage.

The Heco Direkt 800 BT is a two-way stereo system with HECO kraft paper woofer midrange drivers and fabric domes. Music streaming is via Bluetooth® Qualcomm® aptX™ and there is also direct connection for a turntable, connections for TV & other sources (digital optical and coax), plus many others.

The stereo digital amplifier has 200 watts maximum output power and the system features a solid wooden cabinet with semi-matt lacquer finish and all-metal foot construction. Control is by a multi-feature remote control and two-digit front display. Available in White/Silver or Black/Black just like the rest of the Direkt speakers. RRP is £599.95.


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