Pure Sound has to announced the UK arrival of the HECO Direkt Einklang  (One Way) a new design offering high sensitivity. The Einklang joins the Direkt and Direkt Drei Klang (3 Way) to complete this range. They are available in Satin White or Black finishes. 

Single driver system with high sensitivity.
Shallow profile cabinet with wide baffle & rounded edges.
Substantially built enclosure with multiple bracing.
Custom designed, cast alloy feet.
Efficient 20cm Full Range driver with Kraft paper diaphragm & integral, custom designed HF cone.
Eq Network helps achieve even response throughout Midrange & HF.
Linearised & constant impedance characteristic presents easy load for valve amplifiers.
Twin down firing bass reflex ports.

The styling is influenced by the racing cars & classic guitars of the 1950’s & 60’s yet retains a modern & contemporary feel.

UK Retail Prices. 

Direkt Range:

Einklang            £1849.95

Direkt                £2749.95

Drei Klang         £9499.95

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