British company Heretic Audio emailed Hifi Pig to tell us about their new Huron 3 loudspeaker which is available huron_h3_300_1now.

It looks and interesting design being highly efficient (95db) and with an impedence of over 7.5 Ohms which should provide an easy load for most amplifiers out there (7W minimum is suggested).  

Huron 3 has four paper coned 6 ¾ inch drivers working in unison to cover the lower registers and a waveguide loaded soft dome tweeter taking care of the higher frequencies. Frequency range is given as 30Hz to 20kHz and a maximum power handling of 200W is quoted.

The crossover design in the Huron 3 is a simple second order configuration using quality film capacitors and oversized air core inductors. Internal wiring is high purity OFC copper using synthetic insulators, all solder has silver content and point to point wiring is used throughout.

Cabinets for the Huron 3 are made from MDF which is veneered in real wood on both the outside and (surprisingly) the inside. Multiple braces are used in the cabinet and only small amounts of damping material are used. The cabinet is reflex loaded to the front with a slot port and a full length grill is included, but Heretic suggest this should be removed for serious listening.

Heretic say that the Huron 3 has been made easy to position and should be successful in a wide variety of rooms with minimum fuss and it can be placed near rear wall and even corners.

Price is £2500 a pair.

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