Linette and Stuart take planes, trains, trams, buses and automobiles to get to the Swiss High-End Show that took place last weekend in Zurich.

This was the first time we’d visited the show, organised by the High-End Society, the same people that run the huge Munich show and we really weren’t sure what to expect. Getting there involved a couple of hours drive, a plane to Paris, a plane to Zurich and then a couple of trains and finally a bus, so two full days traveling in all. Zurich is a big sprawling city and the venue isn’t really what you would call central, but I imagine if you know the bus and tram system and don’t arrive in the dark navigation would be somewhat easier. Anyway we found our hotel with the help of a very helpful civil engineering student and equally helpful bus driver. First impressions weren’t great and there was to me a feeling that Zurich itself, or the bits we saw of it, were a bit unfinished…but then I suppose I may have expected chocolate box scenery.

The show kicked off on Saturday at ten and we were up, bright eyed and bushy tailed (well not really) and made our way to the show. The hotel was a rather pleasant affair, very much in a corporate style but smart and modern none the less. Press registration was simple as we’d organised this beforehand with the ever helpful Renaté from High-End Society and we were off.

All in all the show is what you’d expect from something organised by The High-End Society. It is well signposted, well run and well promoted. Rooms were hotel bedrooms and break out rooms and all in all good. Lots of brands had put lots of effort into attending the show and visitor numbers on the Saturday were busy if not hectic…though i do wish people would go into the rooms properly rather than loitering in the doorway and little hall.

First up we have the Swissonor room and having heard their products a number of times we were expecting good things…we were not disappointed. Full Swissonor upgrade TD124 with new full metal main bearing and new series 2 TA10 tonearm, new AM6XX1 integrated amplifier with PX25 SE, new B.A.C.H.12d speakers…and a rather lovely Stellavox reel to reel player. We stayed in this room a long time and thoroughly enjoyed it and by the end of the day had it down as one of the best, if not the best sounding room of the day. My only criticism would have been i’d have liked the speakers a little higher off the floor.

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