More news from the upcoming Windsor Show, this time from a host of companies using David Denyer for their press. 

Sound Fowndations (Windsor 3)

“We’re really excited to be pulling out all the stops for the 3rd Hi-Fi Show Live. As well as seeking to put together the ultimate in high-performance systems, we’re also delighted to be bringing with us several of the world’s most renowned hi-fi designers to share their passion and expertise” says Chirs Green of Sound Fowndations.

The Windsor Show will be the UK’s first showing of the new enhanced Clearaudio Statement turntable and visitors will have the opportunity to meet two of its creators, Clearaudio’s Robert and Veronika Suchy.clearwind

In addition there will be the DS Audio’s DS-W1 (the world’s only optical cartridge) which uses an LED to detect stylus vibration. DS Audio’s CEO Tetsuaki Aoyagi will join Sound Fowndations from Japan to answer visitors’ questions.

Gamut is currently working on the latest version of the flagship RS9 loudspeaker and they are hoping for a world premier at Hi-Fi Show Live! R&D Manager Benno Baun Meldgaard will be on hand to apply his set-up skills and to demonstrate.gamutwinds

The main system on show will include the Gamut D3i preamplifier, Gamut’s M250i amplifiers, power conditioning components from IsoTek and Blue Horizon’s Pro Rack and Sanctum isolation platform.

All brands to be shown:

ADL (Alpha Design Labs)

Blue Horizon


DS Audio




Kate Koeppel Design

Musical Surroundings

Decent Audio (Buckingham 1 & Sandringham 2)

Decent Audio will be bringing a selection of new products to Hi-Fi Show Live. They have just acquired exclusive UK distribution rights for two brands: Van Den Hul and Scansonic, so expect to see some surprises in the two Decent Audio rooms.krondzin

In the Buckingham Suite 1, their system will feature the brand new ‘baby’ turntable from Kronos, the Sparta .5 (‘point five’), fitted with Kronos’ own Helena tonearm.  The turntable will be feeding the Van den Hul ‘The Grail’ phonostage, while at the sharp end of the system will be the Van den Hul Crimson custom hand-built moving coil cartridge. Amplification will be courtesy of the Audio Analogue Puccini Anniversary integrated amplifier.  Van den Hul’s  cables will feature throughout… some don’t even feature any metal in their construction! Finishing off the system in will be loudspeakers from Scansonic’s MB series.  speqkszin

The Sandringham Suite 2 will offer both analogue and digital sources with the system including the Transfiguration Axia-S moving coil cartridge and the Fortissimo compact disc player from Audio Analogue.  These will be fed via a cable loom from Van den Hul into Audio Analogue’s Puccini Anniversary integrated amplifier.  Loudspeakers will be the new Magneplanar .7s (‘point seven’).

Kudos (Lancaster 6)

At Hi-Fi Show Live, Kudos’ first, they will be demonstrating a full Linn Exakt system, featuring a pair of their new flagship Titan 808 loudspeakers.titqnzin

The new Titan 808 takes the place of the original Titan 88, but while the two may share a name, the new 808 is a completely unique design.

Icon Audio (Lancaster 2)

Icon Audio will launch several new products at Hi-Fi Show Live 2015.

The Stereo 30se is their most powerful single-ended integrated amplifier to date, its design having been inspired by the MB30se monoblocks. It features a single KT150 valve, producing 30 watts of single-ended power.

The FRM2 (‘full-range monitor’) features just one full-range drive unit of 8” in diameter, with an innovative centre cap for extended high frequency response. It’s the first of a new range of Icon Audio loudspeakers specifically tailored for use with lower powered valve amplifiers. iconzin

Icon’s new valve, the EL34D will also be on demonstration. This new design is pure triode but designed to be a “drop in” replacement for the Mullard EL34, enabling any EL34 amplifier to use them.

Icon will also be demonstrating an updated version of their “Made for valves” MFV3, an upgraded version of the PS3 phono stage featuring “Balanced” input technology.


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