Hifi Pig heard about a young guy and audiophile in the USA, Ricky Sterling. Ricky’s story really touched us. This young man has been a paraplegic nearly his whole life after falling from a 6th floor window when he was just 2 years old. Since 2009, Ricky’s insurance have only been able to supply him with a very non-manoeuvrable, hospital type wheelchair that is not suited to his needs, this makes his life uncomfortable and difficult to say the least. Add to that the fact that the tyres are now coming off his chair and you can understand how this is impacting on Ricky’s life. 

Ricky is trying to raise money to buy himself a new chair and Hifi Pig wanted to help. We are aiming to raise £3000 to go towards his new chair, which will cost 4500 US$. To do this we are having a raffle! Those lovely people at Kralk Audio have donated a pair of their BC-30 FL loudspeakers in Statement Silver Oak and the equally lovely Tellurium Q will complement these with a pair of their Black speaker cables up to 2.5m in length.



Great news, fabulous folk, The Chord Company, have just donated a £600, 1.5m Signature Array Power Cable as a prize! This will be given as a separate prize to the speakers and cable. The cable will be terminated with whichever plug fitting you need.

It costs £5 for each entry, so if you donate more then you get more chances to win! Please donate in multiples of £5 and then share your donation on the Hifi Pig facebook page.

In the event of us raising more than Ricky needs for his chair, we will send any extra money to UK charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

We sincerely hope you will help us, enter the raffle and share this on your social media channels.

Please click through to the Just Giving Giving Crowd Funding Page which we have set up, to donate and enter the raffle!

Many thanks,

The Hifi Pig team.


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