A massive thank you to all who helped and donated prizes and money to our first fund raiser. We fell a little short, but, we had the offer of a prize that did not arrive in time to be added.

Mat Weisfeld of USA based turntable manufacturer, VPI Industries, has had a busy month. He has got married twice, in China and the USA, to the same lady I must add! However when he heard about our appeal he really wanted to help out.

The turntable is a Special Edition VPI Player in Black with 9 inch gimballed yoke tonearm, pre-mounted Ortofon 2M red cartridge, built in headphone amp, phono stage, and MDF platter on an oil bath Jacob’s tapper bearing. You can’t buy the turntable in this finish, so it is very special indeed. The retail version sells for 1200$ in the USA. The TT will be made for you and adapted to whichever country you live in.


The raffle is the same format. Donate a minimum of £5 to be entered into the raffle. If you donate multiple £5 you get multiple entries.

The more we raise the better as we can get extras added to the basic wheelchair to help Ricky have a more comfortable life.

IMPORTANT: please leave your full name to make it easier to contact the winner, we can’t enter you if you leave your donation as anonymous, keep your confirmation email as this will be needed if you win.

Please visit our Just Giving page to donate and read Ricky’s story.

Thank you in advance!


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