Why so many Recommended Awards and why no really terrible reviews?
When we launched Hifi Pig we decided that the aim would be to review and report on the best in hifi at lots of different price points – “Snoofling Out What’s Hot in Hifi”.

At Hifi Pig we believe that our readers want to read reviews of products that are interesting and exciting rather than mediocre and “run of the mill”. For this reason we carefully “vet” products submitted for review and do not publish reviews where a product does not meet the reviewer’s criteria as being an acceptable product.

How do you carry out reviews?

Equipment is submitted; the reviewer installs it in their system and listens critically over a number of days/weeks comparing it to their reference or references. During this time they make notes about the different characteristics of the particular piece of equipment using a wide range of music from different genres. Once they have listened they write up their notes and send the finished article for publication.

Why don’t you do electronics tests in reviews?

If a piece of hifi equipment is, or is about to be, on the market then we are assuming that the designers and engineers will have already carried out innumerable measurements and tests on the kit and see no need to repeat them!
We believe that the very best measurement tool for auditioning a piece of hifi equipment is our ears whilst playing music that we know well!

There are many people who argue that because two amplifiers/CDs/DACs/Cables measure identically, then it goes without saying that they must sound identical – we at Hifi Pig strongly disagree with this point of view! If you want to know a specific components measurements then look at its technical specifications. If you want to buy your hifi based on technical specifications and measured criteria then go ahead but we feel you’ll be missing out.


What do you feel qualifies you to offer comment on a piece of hifi and what experience do you have?

All the reviewers at Hifi Pig are first and foremost music lovers. Some have had experience in front of the mixing desk, some in bands, some are trained musicians and others have listened purely in the concert hall or in front of a pair of loudspeakers. Every member of the Hifi Pig team has listened to hundreds if not thousands of different pieces of hifi equipment, but most importantly, like you, we have ears and we use them!

We don’t profess to be “golden-eared” wunderkinds and all we offer is our experience and our opinions!

Do you charge for reviews?

We do not charge for reviews and we do not accept payment for reviews! We do ask that the person submitting the item for review takes responsibility for delivery and pick up charges, plus any import duties incurred.

Of course we are a commercial site, but it is made clear to anyone who approaches us about reviews or advertising that spending money with us does not in anyway influence the review process.

 So strange as it may sound we have to be absolute on this and remain a trusted source for our readers to maintain our ability to attract readers and advertising.

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