When we were asked to review these tuning sticks we were somewhat intrigued as the makers Akiko make some pretty AKIKO_TS_VELCRO_300bold claims about what they can do in a system. Essentially the Tuning Sticks from Akiko Audio are a passive “tweak” which you plug into the back of an amp, spare mains socket or Velcro onto your speakers. Dan was duly sent a pack of the Tuning Sticks and slotted them into his already well sorted hifi system.

“Such tweaks, I feel, are not and should not be claimed to be game changing in their effects, however when combined with a well put together system can prove to have a beneficial effect on the systems performance as a whole.

The Tuning Sticks themselves are very unobtrusive devices, slim barrels with a variation of connectors which are plugged into a spare socket on a component and claim to aid in its grounding potential and clean up background noise and thus enhance detail. The AC versions have your country’s designated power plug fitted and can be plugged into a spare wall socket or spare socket on a mains extension block.”

Read the full review of the Akiko Tuning Sticks.


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