When we heard that Chord had introduced a new range of affordable interconnects we just had to get a set and see if Chord_cobrathey passed muster.

The new range consists of the Crimson Vee 3 (£55 per stereo metre), the Cobra Vee 3 (£95 per stereo metre) and the Chameleon Vee 3 (£135 per stereo metre) and all use Chord’s new Vee 3 RCA plugs.

Dan had a few weeks with the cables and you can read the full report of the new entry level interconnects here

“There are clear differences between the progression of the cables throughout this budget range. From a wonderfully musically Crimson to the wider bandwidth and quieter background in the Cobra which can retrieve more final details to the fantastically coherent, well balanced, detailed attributes that the Chameleon just grabs the listener with.”


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