Graditech are a Finnish manufacturer of audio cables who make a small range of interconnects, digital and loudspeaker Kaapeli parkkicables. Their Lumi3 loudspeaker cable looked very interesting as Graditech are claiming that this could be the last loudspeaker cable you could ever need due to it’s interesting and unique construction – it has three pairs of differently constructed cables that can be used independently of each other.

Dan put Graditech’s Kide3 analogue interconnects, Kide digital andLumi3 loudspeaker cables through their paces in this review.

“Graditech is a long established Finnish company. Created many years ago Graditech have been producing audio cables primarily for the internal wiring of speakers in Finland and other parts of the world. Graditech’s cables were so well received that speaker manufacturers began to request external speaker cables to compliment the internal wiring.”

Here you’ll find the full review of the Graditech cables and you can also read all the hifi reviews on Hifi Pig.


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