Linette and Stuart take a listen to the very interesting Ra Loudspeakers from Jersey based company JoSound_RaJoSound.

As regular Hifi Pig readers will know we listen to a lot of bass heavy music and playing as I write is Todd Terry’s Blackout from the Resolutions album and I can say with honesty and conviction that there is certainly nothing lacking here at all. The sub bass synth is very well rendered but not over blown. Yes there are of course speakers that will go deeper (the Avantgarde Trios with Basshorns as one example) but in our relatively large by most standards living room this is often overkill and lots of nasty speaker/room interactions start to come into play.

Quality wise bass is, as I said tight, fast and a little dry with no bloom whatsoever. As a serious fan of the techno genre I really enjoyed this aspect of the Ra’s performance. Moving away from electronic music and the opening few bars of Neil Young’s Unplugged version of Like A Hurricane the organ is deep, resonous and with no over hang.”

Read the full review of the JoSound Ra loudspeakers.


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