Audiophile plugs are a bit of a necessity for those audio enthusiasts looking to use mains cable thicker than the standard cable but what’s available on the market?  New to the UK, MS HD Power large gauge audiophile UK plugs could be the answer to many peoples’ prayers. Here Dan fits and listens to one of the plugs and reports his findings.

“The plugs meet every British Standard and are fully compliant with all the necessary regulations – this hplug 3as been a controversial point amongst some enthusiasts with regards some UK plugs that have been marketed as suitable for audiophile use.

Opening the plug up reveals an amount of layout and routing for individual conductors that is a breath of fresh air. I dread to count the number of times I’ve wired MK and standard sockets and have had to chisel, chop and hack plastic out of the way to get the cables and I’m sure many of our readers have experienced this too.”

Read the full review of the MS HD Power Large Gauge Audiophile UK Plug.


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