Roksan Audio have been a major player in the world of high fidelity music reproduction since the introduction of theirRoksan Oxygene Sideiconic Xerxes turntable. Here we look at the company’s latest offering the Oxygene Amplifier and the Oxygene CD Player.

Design-wise the Oxygene products are a departure from the myriad black boxes that we tend to see. Find out if the new Roksan kit lives up to their looks.

A lot of new kit arrives here for review and opening the box kit comes in can sometimes be a bit of a let down. When you buy anything I believe that if you’ve spent a good deal of money on it then you need to experience that “Christmas Morning” effect – you wouldn’t expect to spend several thousands of pounds on a watch and expect it to arrive in a brown paper bag would you! Most product comes well packed, some less so. Roksan have clearly gone to a great deal of trouble when thinking about the packaging for the Oxygene products.”


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