After six years in Windsor, the Hifi Show Live will move to a new venue in 2019, at Royal Ascot. Show Organiser, Editorial Director of AVTech Media and President of EISA, Paul Miller commented on the Show’s expansion:

“From its outset the Hifi Show Live has had a very clear brand proposition – partnering the very best high-end audio marques under one roof, while hosting designers and presenters of world renown, to the obvious delight of a very discerning, opinion-forming audience”.

“A sell-out Show from year one, we have outgrown the capacity of our existing venue. The move to Royal Ascot allows us to even better serve our existing exhibitors, grow our audience, and also welcome those brands previously prevented the chance to attend the Hi-Fi Show Live as demand for rooms outstripped supply. From 2019, this landmark venue will also allow us to extend into high-end automotive and smart home technologies. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to engage directly with Royal Ascot’s luxury-focused race-goers and other visitors in the months leading up to The Hifi Show Live 2019”. The Hifi Show Live 2019 will open at Royal Ascot on 9th-10th November 2019.





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