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HIFIMAN, the high fidelity personal audio brand, has announced the availability of an update of one of its most popular headphones.

The HIFIMAN Edition XS Headphones will be available this month.

HIFIMAN Edition XS Headphones

HIFIMAN Edition XS Headphones


Like the original Edition X, which debuted in 2015, the new HIFIMAN Edition XS Headphones are an open-back planar model. The HIFIMAN Edition XS builds upon its predecessor’s soundstage with HIFIMAN’s recently developed Stealth Magnets, which feature a unique shape that HIFIMAN says enables waves to pass through the magnets without generating interference.

HIFIMAN Edition XS Headphones

The HIFIMAN Edition XS Headphones feature Stealth Magnet Tech


“Edition X was one of our biggest successes,” says Dr. Fang Bian, President, and CEO of HIFIMAN Electronics. “I knew that if I were going to bring it back to the market, there would have to be demonstrable improvements to the original’s sonic signature. Thanks to Stealth Magnet Technology, a qualified follow-up is now a reality.”

HIFIMAN Edition XS Headphones

They have a Neo Supernano diaphragm


HIFIMAN tell us that their Stealth Magnet technology is acoustically transparent, dramatically reducing wave diffraction turbulence that degrades the integrity of the sound waves, maximizing the accuracy of the sonic output. Additionally, HIFIMAN’s NEO “supernano” Diaphragm (NsD) is 75% thinner than previous designs, which helps in improving both response and imaging for full-range, natural-sounding sonic output.

HIFIMAN Edition XS Headphones

The headband is padded and lightweight


In addition to the technical upgrade, the Edition XS features improvements in ergonomic design, including a new lightweight headband that features high-grade memory foam for a comfortable fit and lasting elasticity. In addition, the cable sockets are like those found on most common audio devices. The supplied cable is changeable and upgradeable.

HIFIMAN Edition XS Headphones

HIFIMAN Edition XS Headphones are an open back design


The new HIFIMAN Edition XS with Stealth Magnet technology features an impedance of 18 ohms, sensitivity measured at 92dB, and a frequency response of 8Hz – 50kHz. Its weight is 14.3 oz.

HIFIMAN Edition XS Headphones


SRP $499

HiFi Pig Says: There has been a lot of new headphone launches from the big-name brands recently, these sit in the more affordable High End price bracket.


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