There are plenty of presentations and workshops going on at High End Munich 2018, check these out and see what takes your fancy!

Room K1b (opposite to Hall 1) On all the exhibition days from 10:00am to 6:00pm

In what has now become quite a tradition, various accomplished experts in the audio industry, enlisted by Meik Wippermann to participate, put on music demonstrations of exquisite quality. Music of all different styles and in all formats, stereo and multichannel, is made available for visitors’ listening pleasure in closed, 30-minute sessions. The internationally-renowned sound engineers, Jean-Marie Geijsen (Polyhymnia), Bert van der Wolf (pictured) (Northstar Recording) and Ronald Prent (Wisseloord Studios) present the results of their audiophile work.

Room K2A (opposite to Hall 1)

The multi-faceted series of presentations on the Technology Stage within the scope of the High End Lecture Series invites visitors to learn and emulate best practices, encompassing the following topics, among others: “Room acoustics and setting up a listening room”, “Music services & streaming in practice” or “The comeback of analogue music media formats in the digital age”.

Hall 2, Stand E04/F07

A workshop for optimal adjustment of pickup heads, pickup arms and drives.

On all the exhibition days from 2:00pm

The free workshop is held by Wally Malewicz (WAM Engineering, USA), an internationally acclaimed expert when it comes to the adjustment of drives, pick-up arms and pick-up heads. Seeking to achieve the optimal level of precision in music reproduction, this workshop, in addition to offering discussions on theory, will also involve practical demonstrations on exact adjustment of any vinyl playback system. The mystery, mathematics and magic of the perfect setup – Wally Malewicz will cover it all. He will explain and demonstrate with proper adjustment tools all the parameters of the settings to enable visitors to also apply this hands-on knowledge to their own system at home.

The seminar will be conducted in English, and an interpreter service (German) will be provided.

Workshops with Matthias Böde (editor at the German HiFi-magazine Stereo)

Matthias Böde, offers visitors to the High End 2018 exhibition an informative, exciting and entertaining experience. Using sound samples, Böde vividly illustrates a wide array of topics from the hifi realm.

Saturday, 12th May 11:00am Room E1124, Atrium 4

Records as a luxury item – 45 RPMs, direct cut, one-step

Extraordinary productions using super turntables and horns

12:00pm Room D106, Atrium 3

Identical music, played in analogue and digital formats

Cross-check of high-end turntables and streamers

2:00pm Room E125, Atrium 4

How sensitively do devices respond to their setup?

The rack can have a dramatic effect on the sound

3:00pm Room D105, Atrium 3

Weighing the music and sound benefits of high-res hifi

Format checks of MP3s on up to 24 bits/192 Kilohertz

4:00pm Room E102, Atrium 4

Exclusive: Virtually listen to turntables in all price categories

The new “STEREO Phono Festival Vol. II” on a super system


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