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For many people the car has become an individual listening room. The vehicle interior is a home on the road and, at the same time, is also a place to retreat, recover and relax. Workers in Germany spend an average of 90 minutes per day in their vehicle. The great feeling of driving and listening to music is hard to beat and never more so than when a high-performance car comes together with a high-end music system. Here the driver can enjoy their own particular individual music, without disturbing others and at any volume

they choose. For this reason the right acoustic interior design is important for many drivers when purchasing the vehicle.

Fortunately, more and more vehicle producers are now contracting reliable manufactu- rers in the industry to design new vehicle sound systems so they can then provide an exceptional premium sound in the latest cars. Now, one quarter of all new cars issued in Germany are purchased with a high-end audio system included at a surcharge. Virtually all new vehicles in the upper price segment can be equipped with an excellent music system.

Several well-known businesses in the audio sector are now working hard in the area of development in order to provide drivers and passengers with the best possible in-car music experience.

This year, once again, visitors to the HIGH END 2015 have the opportunity to listen to exceptional sound systems in cars which are mainly premium category vehicles.

Burmester presents pioneering high-end surround sound systems for an extraordinary in-car music experience at this year‘s HIGH END ON WHEELS.

Also this year, fans of upmarket entertainment electronics can delight in the soothing and relaxing sound of Burmester in vehicles from Germany‘s premium manufacturers – a sound as legendary as it is unmistakeable. At this year‘s HIGH END in Munich, the intention is to offer the visitor an unrivalled listening experience and a superior sound quality in vehic-  les including the Mercedes Maybach S-Class, a Mercedes AMG GT and models from the Porsche sports car line and to do this using the high-end surround sound systems of the world-renowned audio specialist Burmester.

Excellent sound systems are becoming an increasingly important criteria when deciding which vehicle to purchase. In terms of sound quality, the inside of the car is particularly suited to the installation of high-end sound systems. This means that the sound specialists from Burmester can develop, configure and fine-tune the high-end components of the sur- round sound system to an optimal level in order to suit the specific seating positions and the relevant acoustic conditions.“The optimum in sound has been achieved when you stop thinking about it” commented Dieter Burmester. As part of the HIGH END trade show, Burmester is inviting visitors to a personal demonstration in premium vehicles.

ETON is a subsidiary of the global company LPG who are known in the market for the production of speakers in the OEM sector. At this year‘s HIGH END, the Rolls Royce Wraith will really catch the eye. Inside, the visitor will find the sheer luxury simply exhilarating,  not only as a result of the breathtaking interior, but also due to the top quality sound. The Wraith sound system has been developed and produced by ETON. It consists of speaker units fitted with “hexacone” technology (an ETON patent). The company has a long tradi- tion of designing and building speakers which are regularly found in the premium high-end sector, both in the area of home speakers as well as in car hi-fi systems. The collaboration between the matchless Brits and the audio experts from Neu Ulm therefore seems a logical consequence of the strengths of both businesses.

For more than 10 years, Dynaudio sound systems have been offered with Volkswagen models from the Golf to the Phaeton. What makes them distinctive is that the Dynaudio sound systems are not simply adjusted sound tunings, typical of the brand, but are based on the legendary Dynaudio “Made in Denmark” chassis, well known in the high-end hi-fi sector for their coated soft-dome tweeters, light aluminium voice coils and the unique MSP membranes.

Volkswagen has two new sound systems in their range in time for the HIGH END 2015: the Dynaudio Confidence Soundsystem in the new Passat with 10 Dynaudio speakers, DSP sound adjustment and a 10-channel 700 watt digital amplifier. The Golf R and the Golf GTI with the Dynaudio sound system are also new. With 400 watt digital amplifiers, 9 Dynaudio speakers including subwoofers and individual DSP sound adjustment, this sound system is expected to be amongst the best sound systems in the entire compact vehicle category.

Škoda boss Winfried Vahland is very clear on the matter: the new Superb is the best Škoda ever to have been built. Škoda is looking to the premium manufacturer CANTON to ensure the sound also lives up to this claim in the third model generation. The sound specialists from Weirod in Hessen have been supplying Škoda exclusively since 2013 and have already developed the multiple award-winning high-end sound system in the Octavia. It is due to the popularity of this system that a customised CANTON system now also provides great sound in the Superb.

CANTON also has a 610 watt in the Superb still to come, the best value in the upper mid- range. The impressive soundscape is created by a total of 12 speakers: two speakers in the doors (tweeters, mid-range speakers and woofers in the front doors, tweeters and mid-ran- ge speakers in the back doors), a centre speaker in the dashboard and an 11-litre subwoofer in the luggage compartment. The premium components are controlled by a 12-channel DSP amplifier which is installed underneath the driver‘s seat. According to CANTON, the virtual surround sound is precisely adjusted to the interior of the vehicle and impresses with harmonic basses, natural mid-tones and highs which allow the subtlest of guitar notes to be heard crystal clear. The equalizer functions in four different modes, which ensures that the sound is just right, not only for music, but also for telephone and navigation. The sound focus can be either with the driver, at the front or at the back. The system compensates dynamically for driving noise.







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