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HIGHRESAUDIO is a high-resolution music download service offering a diverse catalog of music in Studio Master-Quality. HRA_Logo_POSITIV_RZHIGHRESAUDIO is the perfect companion for audiophiles, music lovers and digital audio systems and anywhere else that pure sound quality matters.

HIGHRESAUDIO is founded by a team of experienced, visionary and enthusiastic music specialists and audio engineers in Germany. We embrace the transformation brought by technologies to the music industry and audiophiles in the pursuit of the ultrasonic music experience. HIGHRESAUDIO develops innovative services and applications, business models and shapes new commercial opportunities for record labels, artists and manufacturers of digital audio products.

Lothar Kerestedjian, is founder and CEO since 2010 of the music download platform for music lovers and audiophiles called As founder and CEO of HIGH-DEF Technology GmbH in 2004, he paved the way for Intel and Microsoft into the living-room with the development of the world’s smallest, fan less HD-main board and home entertainment media centers. For Philips he developed home automation software. The products are successfully deployed on various Philips touch screen remote controls as well as Windows Mobile enabled handheld devices in the market.

Mr. Kerestedjian‘s international experience led him develop business scenarios, models and products in Germany, Belgium, Holland, USA, Australia and Japan. He has successfully supported the following companies in the preparation of business cases and deploying products into market: PEL (Panasonic European Laboratories), MEI, Philips Interactive Media, Toshiba, Daikin USA Laboratories, ARD Digital, RTL New Media and ProSieben Media. In addition, he has an all-around knowledge of the audio, video,HRASCREENSHOT music, television and the consumer home-entertainment business.    

Hifi Pig asked Lothar a few questions about the site. 

How does HighResAudio select material for the website?

LK.: We are very well established and share a good relationship with all record companies and their staff. Even with the recording engineers, mastering and studio owner. We exchange a lot of our know-how, demand, interest of music and quality with the above people in order to get premium quality music for our customers.

We are very selective in the repertoire that we sell. Each album goes through a professional quality control process. That includes measuring, analyzing and listing-session to at least 2-3 tracks of each album. Depending on the result, we decide in a small team, if we offer or trash it. More than 30% of the delivered material that we receive, does not match our quality criteria and gets trashed. We only offer the native original 24bit source. Up-sampled and technical manipulated content is a absolute no go and I see as fraud! This philosophy and strategy differentiates us from the rest and surely gets recognized sooner or later.

What is the biggest single restriction you face as a company to gaining more business?

LK.: Obtaining high quality recorded music. I myself invest more than 80% of my time in searching and acquiring content. More importantly than the sampling rate is the musical performance of the the musicians themselves and how the music was captured, mastered and remastered. I have also to constantly chase licensing and territorial rights, because certain repertoire especially from the major record companies is not on the release day available in all countries simultaneously. That‘s laborious for us and also often not understandable for the customer. Nevertheless, 65% of our repertoire is available worldwide.

You mentioned 20% of your turnover is in the UK, do you have a rough breakdown of which countries are buying what?

LK.: Of course being German based, the large portion is generated out of the German-speaking countries. Nevertheless, the interest from UK customers is rapidly increasing on a monthly bases. I guess, we are doing a good job. The store is completely in English. We offer British Pound as local currency including a reward bonus-point system. PayPal and credit cards as payment options and of course a 24/7 support with English speaking staff.


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