Let’s get one thing straight from the off about Honeyblood, and this, their second album on Fat Cat Records… I am clearly not the target audience for this record, but that didn’t stop me from absolutely adoring this terrifically entertaining slab of indie-punky-poppy wonderfulness!!! 


Honeyblood hail from Glasgow and consist of just Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale on vocals and guitar, and Cat Myers on vocals and drums. They’ve supported Foo Fighters in the past but this album was recorded at London’s fish Factory studio, aided and abetted by James Dring who’s worked with Gorillaz in the past. Dring adds some synths as does Matt Jones, but the raw essence of Babes Never Die is the Scottish duos superbly crafted, sing-along, three or four minute blockbusters that feel instantly fresh and yet like you’ve known them all your life!

This is what music should be about – explosive, stimulating, provocative and above all entertaining! There really isn’t a track on Babes Never Die that doesn’t fit the previous statement and playing it (it’s been on repeat for a few hours) I feel like John Peel must’ve felt hearing Teenage Kicks for the first time.

This is perfect and I cannot recommend it enough! Out now!

Stuart Smith

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