Hora Audio of Japan has launched their new COCO horn loudspeaker.

Hora’a COCO, which was unveiled last year, has now been officially released. The Japanese brand told us: “The concept of sound creation is the same for all our products, but COCO is a product that pursues “hora audio sound” more freely and luxuriously. As a result, it has become the highest-end model among our products”.

Hora Audio COCO Horn Loudspeaker is made in Japan

Oak & Paulownia Wood

The interesting design features an oak stand that supports a three-dimensional and calm looking black body with paulownia wood (a fast growing non-warping hardwood) supports so that it appears to float in the air. In addition, there is an oak tweeter on top, which was not available at the prototype stage. Its appearance is elegant, like a Japanese lady dressed in a headpiece.

The Hora Audio COCO is made with Oak and Paulownia Wood

Sound Of Nature

Hora Audio have aimed to use the sounds of the wind and nature in their speakers. In COCO, the tweeter horn, body, and stand, which are separated by thin columns, effectively control the vibration of the sound, and the excess vibration is sent to the floor from the four points where the spikes touch. All of the design choices are directly linked to sound creation.

The full-range unit of the main unit produces a core sound that seems to be directly connected to music, and the tweeter horn adds graceful treble. Physical tuning is applied everywhere so that vibrations are smoothly converted into sound. A clear, stress-free sound is the result of maximizing the sound of nature.

In order to match modern lifestyle, COCO is suitable for installation in the corners of a room and the paulownia body is lighter than it looks and is easy to carry and move.

Super Tweeter Horn


All materials are carefully selected with consideration for sound, durability and beauty. Solid paulownia wood is used for the main body, and solid oak is used for the stand and tweeter horn. The paulownia wood is paulownia-finished and cement-finished to moderately suppress the sound, giving it a three-dimensional and craft-like texture. Hora also considers details such as chamfering of wood parts and facial expressions of metal parts. In addition, natural materials such as linen cloth and linen from Shiga are used for the sound-absorbing material.

The speakers are handmade products that make use of traditional woodworking techniques. All processes from wood metal processing, assembly and paint finish are performed in Hora Audio’s own workshop. A “tool for playing music” that is created after listening to the sound of each material, selecting it, and combining it into one, their speakers aim to be as close to a musical instrument as possible

Hora Audio COCO Speaker


The main body consists of a “combination horn” that has both a front horn (full range) and a back load horn (bass), and the tweeter section consists of three types of horns: a multi-cellular horn (treble). Each horn is designed so that it does not have parallel surfaces where unwanted resonance is likely to occur. The curved punched metal net of the front horn further diffuses the sound into space as an acoustic lens.

The speaker unit of the main body, which Hora call the core, uses a full-range unit handmade by EMS of France. A coil and a capacitor manufactured by Mundorf of Germany are used for the network component of the tweeter, and speaker cable manufactured by van den Hul of the Netherlands is used for the internal wiring so as not to impair the purity of the signal.


Hora COCO Specifications

Model: 2-way all-horn speaker system

Frequency characteristics: 40Hz-25kHz

Total output sound pressure level: 97dB

Impedance: 16Ω

Rated input: 30W

Dimensions: W 394 x H 1177 x D 526mm (tweeter horn + body + stand + spike)

Gross weight: Approximately 19 kg (1 set)

Accessories (pair): 2 speaker cables for tweeter horn (Y lug + banana plug included), 8 spikes, 8 spike trays, hexagon bolts for stand, 2 types of hexagon wrench, spanner for fixing spikes. * Only sold as a pair set (for L / R / 2 sets).

Main body / stand

Model: Combination horn speaker (1 way front + back load horn)

Driver unit used: 17 cm full range unit

Frequency characteristics: 40Hz-18kHz

Impedance: 16Ω

Rated input: 30W

Input terminal: Banana plug compatible speaker terminal

Dimensions: W 394 x H 1043 x D 526mm (main unit + stand + spike)

Weight: Approximately 17 kg (1 unit / body + stand)

Wood: Solid paulownia wood (main body) / Solid oak wood (stand)

Finishing: paulownia processing + cement finish (main body) / urethane coating (stand)

Tweeter horn

Model: 1-way super tweeter horn speaker

Driver unit used: 2.5 cm soft dome unit

Frequency characteristics: 7kHz to 25kHz

Impedance: 8Ω

Rated input: 55W

Input terminal: Banana plug terminal

Dimensions: W 214 x H 125 x D 259mm (excluding tweeter stand)

Weight: 1.9kg (1 unit / body + stand)

Wood: High-density birch plywood + oak veneer (main body) / solid oak (horn part)

Finish: Urethane coating

Hora COCO Horn Loudspeaker side view


Body + stand + tweeter horn

1,360,000 yen (excluding tax) per pair (Just under £9,600 or around $13,100)

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